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Resources to Keep You Healthy
and Fit When Traveling


Looking and feeling great in preparation for your next vacation
is a real confidence booster.  Recently, there have been numerous reports and actual case studies of Mediterranean residents living longer, looking better and in general being healthier than US citizens.  Want to know more? Follow this link... Mediterranean Diet Online: How do the Europeans do it?Great food and lifestyle tips here.

Speaking of looking and feeling healthier, that's me!  For the last year, I've been skipping my normal breakfast of cereal with a boiled egg and toast and substituting it with a smoothie, vitamins, and supplements.  The result has been that I've lost 14 lbs. and feel better.  Good health is important!  Make a change in your life by adding vitamins and supplements to your diet everyday.  My recommendation is...

A member of my family is a diabetic and slowly, but surely gained about 100 pounds over the last seven years.  I wish I had found this sooner; maybe I could have been more help...
All-New Diabetic Diet: Manage your diabetes & lose weight!Online support & recipes. Start Now.

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is important as we age.  If you're planning a trip South, you need all the protection you can get.  Recently we found a unique skin-care company... Great Skin.  We've arranged for a special $50 off certificate.  Just click here>>> GreatSkin50DollarGiftCertificate

Travelers, we found a sensible way to pack a convenient handy drink box with straw that makes it easy to take on-the-go.  it is
the Resource Fruit Beverage With Wild Berry Flavor - 8 Oz, 27 Tetra Brick Pack It is lactose, glucose and fat free and kosher.  If you are on a liquid diet or trying to lose weight, take Resource Fruit beverage with on your next trip. 

Many state and local health departments throughout the United States provide travel immunizations. If they do not have travel clinics, they usually know who in the area provides vaccines for travelers. Please click on the state below to visit that state's local health department website. Note that the website itself may or may not provide travel medicine information. 
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Before Going on Your next
Trip, Get Your Acid Reflux
Under Control...

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Vaccination Information