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10 Smart Tips For A Perfect Girlfriend Getaway...

Just about every weekend women get together with their girlfriends to celebrate birthdays, special occasions or for no other reason... just to get away sans children, boyfriends or husbands. use these tips to get the most out of your girlfriend getaway:

1. There has to be a plan. So plan your plan and have each member be responsible for a specific part of the planning, i.e., airfare, hotel choice, activities and so on.

2. Choose a member of the group to be responsible for money on a night out. In-other-words, pool your money and have one person in charge of the evenings' expenses.

3.  Scout the Internet for transportation coupons. When planning, find transportation alternatives and choose packages that offer free shuttles, discounts on cars and fuel or locations that offer easy walking to shops , restaurants, theaters, etc.

4. This may be tough, but be willing to travel on a moments notice or to travel off peak travel dates.

5. Another smart idea is to travel during the school year. You can save money on child care while you are away and having a great getaway.

6. Have family members team up for helping with normal household situations. Having a grandparent or uncle/aunt pick up kids from school can be fun for all.

7. Prepare before you go! You'll enjoy some peace of mind knowing your family is not to go hungry by preparing some simple meals they can pop into the microwave. Plan an evening out for them at friends or relatives. This will also relive a little stress from your significant other.

8. Pre-arrange some baby sitting with other family
members or dads of other getaway members.

9. To save time and avoid any confusion use the Internet to tap into local knowledge. Check any forums, destination websites, blogs for your destination. You'll find both positive and negative comments on events, restaurants, music menus, etc. Be ready when you get there to have fun from the start by avoiding over-hyped activities.

10. And finally... before you leave home keep your family members informed. If you are travelling in a different time zone, be sure to let them know the best time for a scheduled call. Write a schedule for your children's activities; what time to drop off and what time to pick up. By doing this, you almost insure a future getaway with your girlfriends.

Terry Hudson

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Ladies!  This book is for you. Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America.  If you're thinking about getting all your girlfriends together for either a ladies weekend or a longer girlfriend vacation, you must read this.  Fun and full of great women's travel ideas.

Everyday, women just like you, are realizing the benefit of a girls only getaway.  Getting away from the kids and spouse, leaving  work related stress behind and other daily pressures, seems to be just the ticket you need to get some sanity back into your life.   And, what better way to do that than gather a few of your closest friends and plan your own girlfriends getaway?

There are so many options for planning your ladies only weekend or
longer, women only vacation, that half the fun is in planning the trip.  It really doesn't matter whether your trips takes you 100 miles or 1000 miles away; just having your best friends with you and letting your hair down is what it's really all about.

Doing things as simple as renting four or five of your favorite DVD's and watching them in the comfort of your hotel suite or a luxurious vacation rental home will do wonders for your mind.  You could, of course, throw in a little pamper session at a regional spa.  Think about it.  A little massage, a soothing facial, a relaxing session in the sauna; what more could a girl ask for?

You owe it to yourself to take a little time just for you.  So make those phone calls and get your friends together now.  Do a little research and determine what options will work for everyone.  Be good to yourself and start planning your own girlfriends getaway today.

Jan-Feb 09- Get Rid of those Goosebumps and take in some nice warm rays...

This is the time to find those great last minute Caribbean and Mexico travel deals.  The warm white sand beaches and tropical climate are just the ticket for a little attitude adjustment.

There are trips for every type.  It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about a tropical beach, a city, or just good times at a local spa…
you’ll be able to find a deal if you just look for the right places.

Here are a few on my favorites: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Your location in the US isn’t much of a problem, as most airports have direct or connecting flights.  I recently found (Dec. 17, 2008) from Chicago, a 3 night stay including airfare for $343.00. staying at the New Krystal Vallarta.  Not bad. 

St. Lucia, West Indies… I found a package including airfare for $1396 from Dallas for 5 nights at the Coconut Beach Spa a recommended all-inclusive resort.  If you haven’t been to St. Lucia, please put on your list of travel destinations.  Friendly people, clear water and beautiful white sand beaches abound.  Lot’s of great things to do including hiking, sailing, diving/snorkeling and of course, shopping.

A few other destinations for your consideration are Las Vegas, Santa Monica, CA, Naples, FL, San Antonio, TX, Washington, D.C., and Santa Fe, NM.  You can find package deals to any of these fantastically fun destinations just about any time of the year except Christmas and New Years Eve.

Traveling with your girlfriends is fun and a great way to relieve family and work related stress.  Take action now.  Call your best girlfriends and start planning your next girlfriend getaway today.


March -09-  Girl, here's a great getaway idea for you and your girlfriends...

How  about a little sun and fun in the Caribbean.  Between December and May you'll experience some of the best weather found anywhere. Caribbean temperatures average mid to low seventies overnight and you may see them rise during the day to around 84 degrees.  Combine that with water temps of 79-82, and you'll find vacation conditions that are just about perfect!

If you're thinking about a Caribbean vacation, then why not book
an All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation You'll enjoy the luxurious ambience and not have to budget for drinks, food, tours and out-of-pocket expenses normally associated with resort stays.

One last thing.  If your travel bags are looking a little worn and frayed, why not upgrade your luggage?  Looking your best and traveling in style can make you feel really good about getting away.  While the sale lasts, you can
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Nov-Dec '08-
Girlfriend Getaways 2008... 6 Fun Must See Travel Destinations!

How long has it been since you've had an all girls trip? A popular travel trend these days are girlfriends getaways and mother daughter vacations or ya-ya's as some people call them.

Because this trend is so popular, you can find specialty themed and priced vacation packages for almost every city and vacation destination.

This is article II of my girlfriend getaway series. In this article, you are going to read about six destinations that make absolutely perfect getaways... Continue Reading


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