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September 07   All Inclusive Resorts: Are They Worth It?

Some resorts offer “all inclusive” rates for vacationers. The all inclusive rates include the hotel, all meals and snacks, and all drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

The all-inclusive rate can be a great way to save money on a vacation if the objective of your vacation is to kick back, enjoy an
exotic beach and have a lot of alcoholic drinks.

The all-inclusive rate can be a far too expensive choice if you want to do a lot of sight seeing, experience local culture or if you dont drink alcoholic beverages at all. There are, of course,
some locations in the world where you simply wouldnt feel safe mingling with the local population. In that case the all-inclusive rate is probably worth it if only for the safety factor.

Those who travel with children sometimes love the child care that is included. These facilities are like day-camps where the
kids are well cared for and entertained. Some all-inclusive resorts are for specific purposes such as nude bathing or golf instructions.

People who travel love the all-inclusive rate and believe its the only way to go or they hate it passionately and believe they have been ripped off. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground. One friend who had just returned from an all-inclusive vacation at a resort in the Caribbean said, “You can't beat all inclusive in the Caribbean.

Food tends to be more expensive since it all has to be flown in. So no matter where you go the food is going to be pretty expensive. At an all inclusive you can eat several times a day as much as you'd like. And your drinks are all included also.” Another friend who had just returned from a vacation at a dude ranch in Arizona said, “It was a big rip off. I paid way too much for way too little!” So there you have it….love it
or hate it.

Thank you,

Terry Hudson

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