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Dollar has low car rental rates

Five Day Trips.com Newsletter Archive

October 2007   Cheapest Days to Travel

Trips that start and/or end midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) are cheaper and easier. That's because the airlines' lowest off-peak fares are available on those days and since you're traveling off-peak, the airport parking lot will be less crowded, airport lines will be shorter, and you might even end up with an empty seat next to you on the plane!

The golden rule of flying round-trip is "Stay Over Saturday Night". For example, if you're flying from Miami to San Francisco on a Tuesday and you want to return to Miami before Sunday morning,
it's going to cost you extra. This is because business travelers tend to want to be home for the weekend.

Occasionally, a low fare will be introduced that does not require a
minimum stay. This usually occurs in the corridor or shuttle markets such as San Francisco to Los Angeles or Boston to
Washington. 12 Midnight Saturday night is the magic instant. To get the discount, you must be at your destination during this instant.

If you are scheduling flights that are sooner than 21 days from now, they are likely to be more expensive. Not only do
airlines like to be able to plan ahead, but they also figure that if you have to fly on short notice, you may not have a choice.

The advance purchase schedule varies from 21 days to 3 days. The lowest transcontinental fares usually require a 21 day advance. There is usually a 14 day advance purchase fare,
and there may be a 7 day advance purchase too. Occasionally there will be special 3 day advance fares.

These usually appear during fare wars and last only a short while. This system is a great way to find information and make
a reservation during a fare war without  waiting on hold forever.

Thank you,

Terry Hudson