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Dollar has low car rental rates

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Cheaper by the Dozen

Group travel is becoming
increasingly popular
among all age groups. Why?
It’s because everything
really is ‘cheaper by the
dozen’ and there really is
safety in numbers.

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At one time, group travel was
mostly done by students or
older, retired people but
increasingly groups of all
ages are traveling together.

Traveling as individuals or
as couples is very expensive.
That expense can be
drastically cut when
individuals or couples join
with others and become a
group that is eligible for
discounts on airline tickets,
hotel accommodations, meals
and tickets to events or
tourist attractions.

There are travel planners who
make all of the arrangements
beginning with transportation
to the destination,
transportation during the
vacation and the
transportation home.

These travel planners make
all of the arrangements and
reservations for hotel
accommodations and usually
for at least two meals
per day for the duration of
the trip.

Group activities are included
like visits to the most
desirable tourist attractions
and tickets are reserved
for special events like

Time is allotted for
shopping, too. The members of
a travel group only need to
pack and go so group-travel
is much less stressful in
general. Group travel
planners see to each and
every detail that travel

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In today’s world where
kidnapping Americans who
are on vacation seems to have
turned into a national
pass time in many countries,
the safety that is provided
by traveling with a large
group is becoming more

Very experienced travelers who
would never have considered
group travel in the past
are opting for it now.

For More Information:

It is fairly easy to find
group travel packages with
groups that are of the same
general age bracket or
have very similar
expectations for what they
want to get out of their trip.

Thank you,