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August 2007  Airline Courier: A Money Saving Job

Travelers who can afford to lay over an extra day or two to catch that $99 flight across the ocean can save a lot of money as Couriers.

Traveling with a single bag is essential for these flights because you give up your luggage allowance to the company for which you act as a courier agent. It's all legal and extremely inexpensive.

Air travel couriers are people who carry shipping documents on a flight for a courier company in exchange for a discounted ticket.

These companies need couriers because it's often faster and cheaper to ship freight as luggage than as air cargo, or time sensitive materials such as business documents or medicines are being sent.

Since these companies need your baggage allowance for these materials, you're not allowed to check through any of your personal luggage. You must travel with only the airline's allotted amount of carry-on baggage.

Courier tickets are regular round-trip coach tickets. They are almost always non-refundable and nontransferable, so if there's any chance your plans will change, these aren't the right tickets for you.

It depends on the courier company whether or not you can keep the frequent flier mileage earned. The current trend is toward not allowing you to do so. Courier tickets vary in length of stay, but usually allow for at least a seven day stopover.

On rare occasions they may be open-ended up to six months. It's common for the courier company to require you to be a courier on your return flight too, so this travel plan isn't for those wanting to do a lot of foreign shopping.

Courier routes are limited to the world's main business centers because of the type of supplies being shipped. You won't find these tickets for any exotic islands.

For those traveling with a spouse or partner, it's usually possible to arrange courier flights within a day of each other to your destination, but not often will you find courier seats on the same flight.

The more flexible both of your schedules are, the better the chance you'll both arrive at your destination on the same day.

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