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Vacation Home Rentals vs. Hotels... Which Is Best For Me?

There are a lot of ways to plan a vacation. Typically, you think about an all inclusive package or putting your trip together using a major hotel chain that partner with various airlines and theme destinations to give you a package that works well for your family. However, there are some alternatives to hotels that are well worth considering.

Vacation home rental is often preferred to hotels due to the casualness and amenities you get compared to hotels. There are many types of vacation rentals. Condominiums, detached houses and fantastic villas that all offer you multiple bedrooms and full kitchens. Many have their own beautiful pool areas where you can relax and bask in the sun in privacy.

Want to take your pet with you? Most hotels do not allow family pets, but many vacation rentals do. I know I would like to have my pet with me on vacation, but you need to inquire with the booking agent first, and understand that most vacation rentals do require pet deposits. Finding a property that allows pets may relieve you from the worry concerning your pets temporary stay in a kennel or having a friend care for your pets while you’re away.

Another thing you may want to think about while considering a vacation home rental is location. Do you want to be where the action is, or do you want a location away from all the noise and enjoy your peace and quiet? This is a personal choice of course, but ask your booking agent about how easy it is to travel to the main areas attractions. Is a car rental necessary, or will taxi service work for you, maybe it's even possible to have a great walk.

What are the overall pros and cons of vacation rentals vs. hotels?

Let me sum it up this way for you. The advantages of a vacation rental are: privacy, more room to stretch out, multiple bedrooms, full kitchens that allow you to save on meals, the ability (in many cases) to bring your pet along, and a more casual ambiance due to the fact that most rental owners stay in their homes during certain parts of the year and put their own personal touches there for you to enjoy. The downside is that most vacation rentals are more expensive, there is no maid service, and finding the right property to suit your personality may require a lot more research than just booking a popular hotel chain.

Hotels have their lists of pros and cons, too. On the plus side, you have many amenities available to you all in one location… like concierge service, spa and health club, usually a great location close to all the action, planned activities for you and the kids and nighttime activities for the adults. On the minus side, feeding a family of four or five hotel food for a week will set you back plenty and you know what… the privacy issue could become irritating. Oh, don’t forget… if your looking for a pet friendly vacation rental, remember, in most cases, pets aren't allowed in most large resorts. Last but not least, in my opinion, is the space issue. A nice room at a hotel still won't have the freedom and space a nice condo, beach house or villa offers.

So, is a vacation home rental a better choice than a traditional hotel/resort option? I lean toward the vacation rental myself, but, it’s really a personal choice. So as they say, “if you haven’t tried it, you might like it.” I recommend that for your next vacation you should definitely try a vacation rental vs. a hotel. Why? Because that’s the only way you’ll know for sure if a vacation rental is right for you. If you find its something that you would recommend to your friends, then I think you‘ve definitely found your answer.

Have a great vacation and enjoy the great benefits a vacation rental has to offer.

Article by: Terry Hudson


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