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5br - Villa Soleil St Croix
5br - Villa Soleil St Croix... On The
North Shore of St. Croix

3br - St Thomas Villa with incredible views and privacy
Beautiful Location Overlooking
Meagan's Bay
On St. Thomas

3br - St John Villa - Sunnyledge at Francis Beach
Overlooking Gorgeous
 Maho Bay
On St. John

5br - Fabulous St. John 5 BR luxury villa
Overlooking Hansen Bay on St. John
Beautiful Isolated Setting With Pool

As a former resident of St. Thomas, I can tell you first hand about the wonderful vacation opportunities available in the U S Virgin Islands.  I'm familiar with all the US Virgin Islands which were named by Christopher Columbus while sailing through to America.

The largest and most populated island is St. Thomas which many claim as the New York City of the Caribbean.  It's busy with over 60,000 habitants.  Because of the daily cruise ship arrivals, you feel like you are in paradise with traffic.  All the US Virgin Islands are mountainous and have lush green vegetation. The islands are surrounded by what many experienced sailors and travelers call the most beautiful blue water in the world.

If you rent a a car, be very careful as you have to drive on the left hand side of the road. If you're an American driver, train your self to look right 1st, then left before crossing a street.  This applies equally to pedestrians as the traffic is coming from the right instead of your left.

Things are much slower on St. John and St. Croix.  You'll feel much more relaxed and you'll sense that good old 'laid back' feeling on either of these two Islands.

As with most Caribbean vacation destinations, you find lodging of all types including traditional beach resorts.  Lately, my favorite type of lodging is a vacation rental... a private home or condo that the owner rents out when they are off island and not using their home.

USVI vacation rentals give you more freedom and privacy than traditional resort style lodging.  I also like the fact that you can share the costs with other family members or close friends & save some vacation dollars for other things.  Expect to have everything furnished, a fully equipped kitchen, comfy beds and many have pools and hot tubs.

If this is your 1st vacation visit to the US Virgin Islands, you'll want to take plenty of pictures.  The best way to learn the island is to hire a guide.  Taxis are plentiful and there is a unique mode of getting around called a Safari Bus.  Basically, it's a converted pick-up with rows of seats in the bed.  Expect to pay a dollar or two for a ride. 

Many people are unaware that the islands making up the  USVI are a  US Territory and a government that mirrors US law.  I highly recommend planning a VI vacation; the islands are beautiful.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by this little known paradise.  If you are a boater, a diver or just like to relax on white sand beaches, you'll find your Virgin Islands vacation a truly memorable experience.

Article by... Terry Hudson 2-26-10


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