Start Planning Your Girlfriend Getaway or Mother Daughter Vacation Today!
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Planning a trip with your friends?
Here's  how to plan fun trips and find the
Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America.


Girlfriend... it's time we take a trip!

Ladies it's time to take a trip... a girls only getaway. Start the ball rolling for some quality rest and relaxation and call your girlfriends tonight. Tell them it's time for some serious fun and to get their suggestions ready for a wild and crazy five day trip.

Ladies, what's all the buzz about these Girlfriend Getaways, Chick Trips, and "Ladies Only" vacations?

In the last five years, regional overnight leisure visitation increased by 39.5 percent, with the companying good news that visitor spending, average length of stay and hotel room-night revenues are also up. "Girlfriend getaways" have increased in popularity both locally, nationally and have been successful in attracting well known resorts hotels that now offer specialty vacation packages with amenities that target and hold unique appeal for women.

For a long time, men have had time for football and beer, and women were getting tired of sitting around , not feeling (or wanting) to be part of the group. So as husbands and boy friends have always done their thing, wives and girlfriends now get together, get a suite, a book, a travel bag of 'chick flicks' and plan exciting side trips to spas, vineyards, museums, plays and even adventure destinations. Many hotels offer specialty shopping trips for designer shoes or offer free beauty samples by 'name-brand' cosmetic manufacturers.

My own "Diamond Club" friends try to get together from all over the country at least bi-annually.  The Secret Harbour Resort in lovely St. Thomas was the site of one of our trips. A great condo on the beach, superb food, fun boating, excellent shopping and even an afternoon with a permanent make up artist. We played cards, laid on the beach, cooked up some great meals and drank too much rum. No men allowed. Our next trip was to New York City for a theater trip. Great New York style pizza, a harbor boat tour, shopping at Bloomie's, early morning news show at Rockefeller Center, brunch at The Rainbow Room, drinks at Sardi's and of course the best deli's on the planet.

Ladies, here are some of the most popular Girlfriend Getaway ideas... Napa Valley, Miami, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Las Vegas, The Parker Palm Springs in Palm Springs, Calif.,
Maui, Santa Fe, NM, New York City, Chicago, and for you rock and roll wannabe's, there is the Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp in Columbus, Ohio. Oh, and don't forget the US Vigin Islands for
fun in the sun.

Girlfriend getaway, chick trip, all girl vacation or whatever you want to call them, this year pledge to leave the guys at home and set sail on your own special getaway with the
people that are so very important to you, your girl friends.

Article by: Jeanne Hudson