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Planning a Disney Vacation... How to Go Without Breaking the Bank


Planning a Disney Vacation? How to Go Without Breaking the Bank...

A great idea for a five day trip is a theme park, so...

If you're thinking about taking you're family on a Disney World vacation, careful planning before you go, could prevent you from spending a lot of unnecessary money. Finding the best options for an affordable Disney vacation takes a little research, but the time you invest before you go will give you the confidence that you are probably spending 20% to 30% less than the majority of Disney vacationers.

First time Disney World vacationers usually make these same mistakes. They don't create a comprehensive budget, let impulse decisions rob them of special discounts on lodging, dining, car rentals and park admission. Become a smart Disney shopper so to speak.

The Internet gives you the tools to research a smart Disney vacation. Look at the Magic Your Way packages. These may work for some vacationers, but they have stringent restrictions. Make sure your family is going to use all the options in the package, otherwise, you may find yourself upgrading and spending money you you could have saved with better planning. The pressure of being there and making sure everyone in your family has a good time makes it easy to pull your credit card out. Beware; your next CC statement will show exactly what those impulse decisions really cost you.

There are many great options available outside of Disney World; explore them. Become familiar with the areas surrounding Disney, there are lots of great attractions and alternative lodging opportunities. You can always mix things up a bit like spending a few days outside the park and then moving your family on-site for the remainder of your stay or, vice versa. The point is to find the best trip options available for your family and not leave money on he table for the big tour or trip operators.

The main thing is to have one of the most memorable and fun family vacations ever. Careful planning will make sure you have an affordable Disney vacation and the good memories of this perfect five day trip will last throughout the year. When you're not grimacing over those unplanned expenses you may find on your credit card statement for months to come.

Article by: Terry Hudson